Robofight is a fast paced 3D FPS browser shooter game. Machines move with W-A-S-D keys. Q and E keys could used to lean sides, to control areas without exposing player's body more danger. Shift key slides the machine to direction they walk at the moment. F key used to inspect weapon.

Machines also have special skills to differ from each other. While Juggernaut could run on walls, PODBot could perform minor jumps with his jet-pack. Controls that characters have are producing a smooth gameplay. With mobility-creating abilities such as sliding, jumping, running, leans and character skills, players are be able to build a personalized gameplay style.

Controls varies when player uses them differently. Combining controls with each other brings the ability to perform advanced tasks. Such as jumping while sliding causes a higher jump, or sliding backwards to cover up are basics of movement.

Machines earn more experience when they perform significant in certain actions. For example getting a headshot kill grants more experience than a regular kill. Others are; air-shot, quickscope, double kill, tripple kill and much more to be found and rewarded.

There are currently one map which is AREA5. Its story is AREA5 was formerly used as "Military type PODBot training grounds" but since people on the planet extinct, PODBot serial production has been ended. Now the place called as AREA5 and hosts an underground robo-fight arena.